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UltraPure Ultrafiltration (UF) Cartridges
UP UF cartridges

UltraPure's UF membrane filters contaminants down to less than 0.1 micron in size. It reduces sediment, dirt, rust, bacteria, algae, cyst and parasites but allows water and healthy essential minerals to flow through. Click here to learn more about ultrafiltration technology.

How to Order
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+(65) 6440 3680
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Photo Gallery
Click on picture to see an application using UltraPure's U850 membrane
U850 UF membrane
UltraPure Ultrafiltraton Membrane Cartridges
Model Number Type For Models Pic
UP-410UF UF Membrane 2"OD x 10"L UP-DUC410 series Pic Icon
UP-420UF UF Membrane 5"OD x 20"L UP-BT420 series and
Pic Icon
UP-U630 UF Membrane 6"OD x 30"L UP-U630 series Pic Icon
UP-U850 UF Membrane 8"OD x 50"L MU series Pic Icon

Check out our product brochures: UP-410UF, UP-U850