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Flow-Max® Pleated Cartridges
Flow-Max® filter cartridges outperform wound, spun, melt blown, resin bonded and other 'depth' type filter elements.
Flow-Max® pleated cartridges provide greater surface area for longer life and reduced filtration costs.
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Features Benefits
Filter media is pleated for greater surface area Low pressue drop; long life; reduced filtration costs, compared to wound and spun cartridges
Synthetic filter media is cellulose-free No additive or binders, which may cause foaming
"Thicker filter media has a greater capacity to capture and retain particles, compared to thin, more rigid media types, which have less void space for particle retention Increased dirt holding capacity; longer life; fewer cartridge replacements needed; and reduced filtration costs, compared to other pleated cartridge suppliers
One micron absolute and 0.35 media use a multi-ply laminate for superior performance Increased particle removal efficiency; longer life; and reduced cost per litre filtered
Long lengths have netting to hold pleats in place Superior performance and appearance
100% synthetic filter media is washable and reusable, five micron and up. Learn more
Lower cartridge replacement costs

Flow-Max Pleated CartridgesFlow-Max Pleated Cartridges
UltraPure offers a full line of Flow-Max® cartridges:
Flow-Max® Pleated cartridges for Standard filter housings
Flow-Max® Pleated cartridges for Full-Flow and Big-Blue filter housings

Standard 2-3/4" outer diameter (OD) x 9-3/4" length (L)
Model Number Media Type Micron Rating
FM-1A-975 Synthetic 1 Absolute
FM-0.35-975 Synthetic 0.35
FM-1-975 Synthetic 1
FM-5-975 Synthetic 5
FM-20-975 Synthetic 20
FM-50-975 Synthetic 50
FM-100-975 Synthetic 100

Standard 2-3/4" OD x 19-1/2" L
Model Number Media Type Micron Rating
FM-1-195 Synthetic 1
FM-5-195 Synthetic 5
FM-20-195 Synthetic 20
FM-50-195 Synthetic 50

Standard 2-3/4" OD x 20" L
Model Number Media Type Micron Rating
FM-1A-20 Synthetic 1 Absolute
FM-0.35-20 Synthetic 0.35
FM-1-20 Synthetic 1
FM-5-20 Synthetic 5
FM-20-20 Synthetic 20
FM-50-20 Synthetic 50

Standard 2-3/4" OD x 29-1/4" L
Model Number Media Type Micron Rating
FM-1A-2925 Synthetic 1 Absolute
FM-0.35-2925 Synthetic 0.35
FM-1-2925 Synthetic 1
FM-5-2925 Synthetic 5
FM-20-2925 Synthetic 20
FM-50-2925 Synthetic 50

Standard 2-3/4" OD x 40" L
Model Number Media Type Micron Rating
FM-1-40 Synthetic 1
FM-5-40 Synthetic 5
FM-20-40 Synthetic 20
FM-50-40 Synthetic 50

Full-Flow (B-B) 4-1/2" OD x 9-3/4" L
Model Number Media Type Micron Rating
FM-BB-10-1A Synthetic 1 Absolute
FM-BB-10-0.35 Synthetic 0.35
FM-BB-10-1 Synthetic 1
FM-BB-10-5 Synthetic 5
FM-BB-10-20 Synthetic 20
FM-BB-10-50 Synthetic 50

Full-Flow (B-B) 4-1/2" OD x 20" L
Model Number Media Type Micron Rating
FM-BB-20-1A Synthetic 1 Absolute
FM-BB-20-0.35 Synthetic 0.35
FM-BB-20-1 Synthetic 1
FM-BB-20-5 Synthetic 5
FM-BB-20-20 Synthetic 20
FM-BB-20-50 Synthetic 50