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UltraPure In-line Cartridges
UP In-line cartridges

UltraPure offers a range of in-line water filters for easy do-it-yourself (DIY) installation and replacement of water filters in your water dispensers, coolers, and are compatible with Samsung, LG, Bosch and GE fridge freezer filters.

The sediment filter is used for dirt and sand reduction while the GAC fiter helps remove chemical tastes and odours giving you clean and great tasting water every time. 

How to Order
Email: up_sales@ultrapure.com.sg
+(65) 6440 3680
+(65) 9088 9188
Fax: +(65) 6440 3679
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UltraPure In-line Cartridges
Type Tube Diameter  Length
In-line sediment cartridge 1/4" 10"
In-line GAC cartridge 1/4" 10"