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Ultrafiltration System (Counter-Top / Under-Sink)
UltraPure's drinking water systems are easy to install, easy to service and highly affordable, making them ideal for the home, office, factory, restaurant, cafes and on board ships.
Counter-top with spout
Under-sink with faucet
UltraPure's Counter-Top water or Under-Sink  filters come with Ultrafiltration Membrane or Carbon . 

Our Ultrafiltration membrane removes sediment, dirt, rust, bacteria and cyst. It operates without electricity and offers high filtration flow rate at minimal water pressure.

Watts® Carbon filter cartridges are top-of-the-line coconut shell carbon block filters for chlorine, taste, odour and sediment reduction.

Dual systems with both Ultrafiltration Membrane and Carbon are also available. Sediment filter can be added as a pre-filter to Carbon and Ultrafiltration Membrane.

Check out our product brochures:
UltraPure Water Filter System (UP-DUC410 series) product brochure;
UltraPure Watts® Carbon product brochure

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Email: up_sales@ultrapure.com.sg
+(65) 6440 3680
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Fax: +(65) 6440 3679
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DUC410 ultrafiltration
UltraPure Counter-Top/ Under-Sink Models
Model Number Type Cartridge 
Flowrate (litre/hr)
UP-DUC410CT Counter-Top Kit, Ultrafiltration Filter UF, 0.1 micron
150 - 200
UP-DUC410US Under-Sink Kit, Ultrafiltration Filter UF, 0.1 micron
150 - 200
UP-DUC410CTAC Counter-Top Kit, Carbon Filter Carbon, 5 micron


UP-DUC410USAC Under-Sink Kit, Carbon Filter Carbon, 5 micron


Note: Counter Top kit come with housing, filter, diverter, wrench, tubing, adaptor and spout.
Under Sink kits come with housing, filter, wrench, tubing, adaptor, drinking faucet, connector, valve, bracket/screws.

Replacement Cartridges
Description Pic
10" by 2" diameter Ultrafiltration cartridge, 0.1 micron
Watts® 10" Activated Carbon cartridge, 5 micron